eHealth Solutions is a socially responsible medical informatics based Clinical Knowledge Management, eHealth IT Solution, and Healthcare Service Provider company. It is headquartered InformaticaHealth in California , USA.
Health is wealth! In most of the developed countries of the world, Health Informatics is transforming the science and delivery of healthcare while improving clinical and socio-economic outcomes. This paradigm shift in medicine is radically changing how medicine is practiced at a much advanced and will permeate all over the world.


Who we are

We are an eHealth solution provider as well as a ehealthcare service provider using Elrctronic health record and communication system(EHRCS)-based Medical Teleconsultation, eLearning and other services.

Health Informatics

Health informatics is information engineering applied to the field of healthcare, essentially the management and use of patient healthcare information.

HIPAA Simplified

We are committed to helping our healthcare partners seamlessly navigate the path to compliance.

EHR & EMR Development

We offer custom EHR & EMR software development with features to enable doctors to chart faster, maximize clinical productivity & flexibility to stay connected to patients.


EHRCS with Non-Relational Database

Healthcare data cannot be managed with traditional Relational Database management systems. Healthcare companies rely on NoSQL Databases to address a broad variety of use cases while at the same time meeting compliance standards and improving healthcare outcomes. Benefits That NoSQL Databases Provide For Healthcare Systems

Scalability and Performance

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High Availability

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Open Source Availability

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Inpatient Care

Inpatient care is medical treatment administered to a patient whose condition requires treatment in a hospital or other health care facility, and the patient is formally admitted to the facility by a doctor.

Outpatient Care

an outpatient service is any medical care given to patients outside of a hospital. However, certain services performed within hospitals are still classified as outpatient.


Clinical decision support provides clinicians, staff, patients other individuals with knowledge & person-specific information, intelligently filtered or presented at appropriate times to enhance health & health care.

Diagnostics Management

Medical diagnosis is the process of determining which disease or condition explains a person’s symptoms and signs. It is most often referred to as diagnosis with the medical context being implicit.

E2E Healthcare Insurance

Web-based scalable, optimized and secured health insurance exchange enabled end-customers to evaluate healthcare plans based on their financial, demographics and other several criterion’s.

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy management entails usage of stock management and billing & accounting. Stock management helps the user in effectively dispensing drugs and managing the products

Medical Billing

Medical billing is the process where your healthcare provider sends an invoice detailing your treatment and the health services received to your health insurer for payment.

eLearning for eHealth

We contribute to the revolution in ehealth elearning by providing 24/7 access to online, nationally quality-assured materials.  We providing e-learning to educate and train the health and social care workforce.


Amazing Electronic Health Record and
Communication System (EHRCS)

We develop and implement HIPAA-compliant Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Health Record and Communication System (EHRCS) software solutions for on-premises and web-based healthcare networks. Our software includes robust network architectures, secure database management systems, integrations with evidence-based tools, reliable patient portals, comprehensive charting management features, and intuitive graphical user interfaces for desktops and mobile devices.
New technology and business models for EHRCS

What are you waiting for?

Electronic Health Record and Communication System – EHRCS© for Patient care, Well care and Telemedicine


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eHealth Solutions eLearning

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eLearning Completion Policy

All course attendees will be needed to submit the “eLearning Completion Certificate” to respective authorities, after passing the Final eLearning Examination within one year of enrollment where such completion certificate is necessary by the respective authorities

eLearning in eHealth


eHealth is growing exponentially due to the proven benefits it is demonstrating when designed and implemented successfully to support all types of healthcare improvement initiatives. This a healthcare revolution unfolding around the globe. The following topics in emerging health informatics and eHealth will explain how systematic and deliberate use of health data, information, workflow, and decision support play a critical role in enhancing efficiency, quality, safety, and outcomes of health care, while optimizing the costs of healthcare delivery in addressing individual and population health challenges.

The stakeholders are increasingly recognizing that successfully delivering care across all these settings needs managing not only the patients and expenditure flow but also the critical health information flow. All healthcare systems need to operate within a strong eHealth ecosystem to ensure the delivery of quality care and effectively manage the system’s performance through data driven, timely, effective, decision making and continuous oversight.

There is much confusion, fuzziness, misconceptions, underestimation, fear, and uncertainty about eHealth – the vast, deep, multidisciplinary, complex domain solving complex challenges. This interprofessional course given the limitations, will describe briefly and many a times only superficially, the critical aspects in eHealth, and will provide examples of eHealth system and software capabilities. Additionally,  will cover other necessary elements such as financing, education, law, business, relation to other eGovernment activities, and imperative stakeholder engagement. The course is also meant to elicit and encourage critical thinking and leadership.


Healthcare Provider Professionals :  Physicians, Academicians, Healthcare Scientists, Healthcare Executives, Bio-statisticians, Public Health Professionals, Researchers, Pharmacists, Nurses, Laboratory Technologist, Radiology Technicians, and others.

Healthcare IT Professionals : ICT Executives, Software Architects, Software Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, IT Consultants, IT Managers, others

Other Healthcare Professionals : Administrators, Public Representatives, Business Executives and Managers, others.

eLearning Vision

This educational initiative will help create the environment and needed workforce with right knowledge and skillsets to aid in the evolution of eHealth in any country in the world to provide 21st century standard care achieving increase in well-being, and significant decrease in morbidity and mortality while being cost-effective.


There will be three tracks

eHealth for Provider Professionals

eHealth for Technology Professionals

eHealth for Administrative Professionals


The overarching goals for this course are to:

Prepare and equip professionals in healthcare with the knowledge and skill sets needed for using health informatics in multitude of healthcare and research settings, and

Create leadership thinking needed to make a difference in managing the exponentially growing challenges of providing affordable and quality healthcare in eHealth ecosystem, nationally and internationally.

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