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eHealth is growing exponentially due to the proven benefits it is demonstrating when designed and implemented successfully to support all types of healthcare improvement initiatives. This a healthcare revolution unfolding around the globe. The following topics in emerging health informatics and eHealth will explain how systematic and deliberate use of health data, information, workflow, and decision support play a critical role in enhancing efficiency, quality, safety, and outcomes of health care, while optimizing the costs of healthcare delivery in addressing individual and population health challenges.

The stakeholders are increasingly recognizing that successfully delivering care across all these settings needs managing not only the patients and expenditure flow but also the critical health information flow. All healthcare systems need to operate within a strong eHealth ecosystem to ensure the delivery of quality care and effectively manage the system’s performance through data driven, timely, effective, decision making and continuous oversight.


There is much confusion, fuzziness, misconceptions, underestimation, fear, and uncertainty about eHealth – the vast, deep, multidisciplinary, complex domain solving complex challenges. This interprofessional course given the limitations, will describe briefly and many a times only superficially, the critical aspects in eHealth, and will provide examples of eHealth system and software capabilities. Additionally,  will cover other necessary elements such as financing, education, law, business, relation to other eGovernment activities, and imperative stakeholder engagement. The course is also meant to elicit and encourage critical thinking and leadership.

This course is NOT meant to be creating experts in this domain or sub-domains each of which are very deep and vast. You will come to know many new concepts, astounding facts, boundlessness of knowledge discovery, translational challenges and achievements that weave the fabric of eHealth. This course will help us with better interprofessional understanding, consistent use of terms for meaningful communications, understanding related sub-domains to be able to work in teams, and being able to connect the dots in a holistic manner to create the needed strategy, synergy and symphony.

The topics will be presented and discussed in a series of lectures in an interactive manner. Each presentation will introduce the fundamentals with examples and will be followed by discussions on what currently exist within any systems and how to evolve to eHealth ecosystem for any system of interest. The contents are designed in a way that towards the conclusion of the course all the individual topics will fit together in participants’ minds and will enable them to identify current challenges and how those can be managed in the best manner for any organization.


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