Board of Directors

Dr. ALI HAIDER RASHIDEE. PHYSICIAN INFORMATICIAN, Dr. Ali Rashidee is the Founder, Managing Director and Chief Medical Officer of eHealth Bangladesh. a socially responsible medical informatics based knowledge management, eHealth IT solution, and healthcare service provider company. He is a Visiting Faculty in Health Informatics at Bangladesh University of Health Sciences.

Dr. Rashidee practiced General Medicine and Radiation Oncology for 7 years in Bangladesh before going to the USA in 1992. There, he obtained a Masters in Medical Physics and a Fellowship in Informatics. In the USA, he has worked in private industry, and leading academic and public health organizations, namely Vanderbilt University, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Overall, Dr. Rashidee has more than 30 years of hands-on experience in Medicine, Oncology, healthcare quality, patient safety, applied research, healthcare software and Electronic Medical Record development and implementation.

Dr. Rashidee is taking part in research in medication safety with Harvard University among many others. He co-founded the Patient Safety Work Group at Health Level 7, the international healthcare interoperability standard development organization. He is well known to professionals in medical informatics both nationally and internationally.

Having worked in different fields in medicine and national level eHealth initiatives in the USA during the medical informatics growth period of the 1990’s and 2000’s, he possesses esoteric knowledge, experiences, and skill sets. Dr. Rashidee is a Visionary and Medical Futurist, and his participation is of immense value in envisioning, developing, and implementing eHealth in complex contexts with seemingly insurmountable challenges.


Mr. SHAMEEM HUSSAIN is an eminent industrialist, with mastery in industrial process management. He is very innovative, knowledgeable and has tremendous interest in working in the field of eHealth in Bangladesh to serve the nation and make a difference.